Make Eating More Fun

She's everywhere! 

And, always cooking up something new.  We count on Rachael Ray to keep updating her branded products along with her recipes.  And around the holidays, many people look for stylish cookware, stoneware, serveware, teakettles, tools or simply fun, useful gadgets.

So, come on in and step right up to see what's new.  I think you will find some highly appealing options.

The new Rachael Ray Porcelain II Cookware meets your demand for quality non-stick cooking that also heats quickly.  We like the chip-and-stain-resistant porcelain exterior and the cheery colors.  Even the handles are rubberized with colors to match.

One standout is the 9.5-inch Skillet with 6 Nylon Egg Cups and Nonstick Egg Rack.

Highly versatile, this could be a super space-saver.  All the better if you saw the recent health articles stating one egg a day does not add to your cholesterol worries.  So grab one and introduce healthy eggs to your diet. 

In the stoneware category, the new Gradient Orange Rachael Ray Stoneware also features the beautiful new colors, plus a collection of serveware made of durable stoneware.  I'm all for kitchen-to-table entertaining, especially for more informal meals, but you just might be tempted to add stoneware items like this to your everyday category:
Stoneware Veggie Bowl 

And one other well designed offering in eye-grabbing colors is the New Rachael Ray 2 Quart Crescent Teakettle:

Whistling Kettle 
This lovely conversation-starter will get regular use in any up-to-date kitchen.
At last, a handle that helps keep you from steam burns on your hands thanks to its distinctive round shape.  With the enamel on steel teakettle's unique curves and the "squeeze and pour" black handle, this is both easy to use and comfortable to hold. 

And for kitchen safety, the teakettle has a loud whistle when water boils. Available colors include the Gradient Orange, Gradient Red and Gradient Blue.

Of course, other worthy surprises await you when you discover all the New Rachael Ray Stoneware line has to offer.  If you act quickly, you can rejuvenate your kitchen and entertaining ideas for the new year now.  Cast-iron cookware, fondue pots... it's all waiting for you, updated to ensure your new year in the kitchen starts off with functional - and fun - cookware and serving ware.  

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