Super Chocolate

What drives people to raw foods?  Not just enhanced nutritional value.  For many, raw foods are simply "real" foods - without heat damage to the natural qualities that help the true flavors scamper across your taste buds.

Take chocolate - and I know you will!  Raw, organic chocolate can be such a spectacular treat as well as a health food because nothing is damaged during preparation.  You will know what I mean once you try any of the mouth-watering treats from Righteously Raw+.  Each is a guilt-free experience with nothing but the pure, vegan, non-GMO, non-soy, zero refined sugar... well, you get the idea.  THIS, is real chocolate.  And, it's all Kosher as well.  Modern flavors join ancient ingredients with deliciously creative results. 

Worried about dieting?  Also helpful, the entire Righteously Raw+ line is low-glycemic and crammed with amazing antioxidants.  You may even find your blood pressure gradually heading back to normal thanks to the likely improvement in your blood flow.

Yes, chocolate really can be a "superfood" as well as being delicious.  Righteously Raw+ chocolate comes from the earth via Earth Source Organics+ in California.  But, you don't have to travel out west to grab these treats.  Check their website to find them near you. 

Easy on your wallet - and, your conscience, this is a product line with more certifications than we rarely see in one company.  And, once you experience their unique variety of chocolates, your taste buds won't want to settle for less.  

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