Joined at the Hip

Picture this: you are chatting with friends in your favorite restaurant, your purse on the floor. suddenly, without you noticing, a thief slides your purse out and starts walking away with it tucked under a coat.  Goodbye, valuables! 

But, wait. Same scenario, with a happy ending - for you, not the thief.  How?  Simple, you have a hipkey™ activated in your purse.  Once your purse is moved a few feet away from you (you set the distance), your hipkey™ starts screaming its head off (figuratively), causing all heads to turn, eyes zeroing in on the criminal.  Thief drops purse before being nabbed and happy ending with your valuables safely back in your clutches. 

Say, hello to hipkey™ from www.hippih.com.  Now, as a fellow gadget fan, I admit to laying out cash for new, exciting and seemingly useful finds.  Some turn out to be frivolous and many are tossed aside.  But the hipkey™ is that rare invention that is admittedly fun to use and easy to customize but also completely useful.  What's more, it quickly becomes a "key" part of your daily routine. 

As a typical brilliant reader of this blog (!), you will have already considered other possible uses for the device. Here's a question: what is most valuable to you, personally? Well, your children, of course, followed by... perhaps your iphone, ipad, keys... a wide range of considerations. Your possessions are now much easier to safeguard thanks to the hipkey™ using a new, low-power proximity alarm combined with bluetooth linkage and gps location. 

Simply pair the hipkey™ through bluetooth with its stretchy key hangar to activate and you are set.  Use the "find me" setting to push a button, reminding you where you put your phone or pad.  And, never leave anywhere without hearing the alarm if you stray too far from your device. The "child mode" setting is a spectacular addition.  This can be critically important in public situations.  Of course, it is dangerously easy to get distracted, but you will be quickly alerted if your child moves too far from you.  Certainly, that alone makes hipkey™ worth a close look.  

Discover the full range of uses and features including "safe zone" to help keep you from annoying others, preventing false alarms and helpful tips: www.hippih.com Compatibility check: hipkey™ currently works with iphone 5, iphone 4s, ipad mini, ipad (4th gen) and ipad (3rd gen).  It is now available from apple stores in the u.s. and canada.  No battery worries, either.  The built-in power system recharges through your usb port.  What a pleasure to find a reasonably priced gadget that does what it says, sets up easily and offers such a wide range of uses.

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