Superfoods for Super Health

     Searching for the best "super foods?"  Some are proven to help provide our bodies with powerful nutrients to help maintain health.  So which "green" options should you choose?  In recent years we have sampled a wide variety including chlorella, wheat grass and a real standout, spirulina, backed by significant research and marvelous results.
     If you have been reluctant to sample that bright, green powder, know this: people have been enjoying its benefits for centuries.  Found in clean, fresh water environments, you can easily add more nutrients to your regimen.  The protein content is easily digested and balanced at around 60%, and with every important amino acid, plus enzymes and chlorophyl, the best spirulina can be a worthy addition to any diet.
     Since many of us struggle to find ways we an add the suggested five to nine servings daily of fruits and vegetables to our meals, spirulina is a terrific solution.  One serving of  provides the equivalent of five fruits and veg at once and tops any other whole food.  If you are new to a green powder, happily it mixes well with salads, juices and other foods. 
     And if even that approach is too large a leap for your first exposure, the most reluctant can use spirulina initially in tablet form.  Even that version will maximize your system's digestive capability and overall nutrient absorption. 
     Science has shown us that many critical vitamins and minerals, as well as the essential fatty acids like gamma linoleic acid (GLA), can be missing from our meals.  So try adding spirulina to help bring a uniquely healthy combination of nutrients into your body.  

     You can do so at a reasonable price and without sacrificing flavor.  With all our health challenges, you may find this a wonderfully successful option and a way to improve your muscle tone, appetite and meal satisfaction.
     How do you find a reliable provider of quality spirulina to get the finest quality for your money?  Be sure to choose a company that dries the micro algae properly.  This preserves the nutrients and maximizes flavor.  

     Certainly, how long a company has been in business can make a difference.  Production history counts when it comes to assessing potential effectiveness.  And, source is critical as well.  One of the top rated producers grows their own spirulina in one of the sunniest, most pristine locations on the globe: 
Nutrex-Hawaii is the only company we found that grows their product right on the Kona coast area with the purest waters available.
     Of course, each time you consider adding a new product to your health regimen, you compare the most reliable sources.  In the case of spirulina, I suggest you begin or end with Nutrex-Hawaii.  Their website provides a thorough explanation of almost any information you need to make a healthy choice.  
     Let me know how you feel a few weeks after incorporating spirulina into your daily diet.  You may be pleasantly surprised and energized.  By the way,nyour skin will not take on a Shrek-like "green" shine.

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