Wi-Fi For All... No Charge

Never thought I'd see the day, but it makes perfect sense, though it's a story line from many old science fiction novels.  Imagine being able to connect wirelessly wherever you go - at no cost.  That's the new reality, helped along by forward-looking companies, such as GOWEX.  And, it's not just in cities outside America.

New York City, The Big Apple already had choices for free WiFi among permanent providers, special offers, coffee shops...  almost any place with a router.  

Now, even if there were any dead zones left in the five boroughs, GOMEX probably has them covered, with 1,953 free WiFi hotspots across Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, Brooklyn and the Bronx. 

And no, this is NOT a "plan!"  Their network is available today.  Each connection gets you 1Mb of bandwidth, letting you jump on access points with their app (also free) for iOS and Android. 

GOMEX has other content like a hotspot map and city-specific info not related to WiFi.  Plus, look for additional major cities in the US during 2013.  

How - and why?  The company will make its money from advertising its "Smart City services," and charging carriers for traffic on their networks.  So, who needs a data plan?  Fewer and fewer of us.

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