Protect Your Passwords

Maybe it's just me, but every time I have to go through the time-wasting steps required to recover a lost (mostly forgotten) password, I waste even more time plotting ways to improve my memory.

Now, we can all stop wasting time and worrying about insecure passwords.  Thanks to the new (fresh from extensive beta testing) "Password Box" (www.passwordbox.com) you need remember just one password and you can protect all your accounts.  Even better - and safer - you no longer need to use simple passwords that a child can hack in minutes. 

Password Box is a portable sidekick that keeps your login details up to date both online or from mobile devices including OS and Android.  Add a more challenging, unique password to a new site or change existing passwords - it's a one-click wonder that also speeds up your browsing.  

Need to share password info with someone?  Password box helps you do that safely and keeps the link updated whenever you make changes.  Plus, with all the evil-doers looking for ways to track your keyboard input to gain access to your private sites, Password Box helps fight those malware attacks, too.  When you plug in a URL - or click on Password Box to open a site, the program pops in your details without you needing to enter them.

Yes, the number of password programs continues to increase.  However, I believe the creativity and thorough testing behind www.passwordbox.com with its ease of use and helpful feature set - including super-strong password generating - make it one of the best we have tried.  

Online security grows more critical daily.  And each of us knows someone who suffered from hacked email accounts or the ghastliness of identity theft.  Stop trying to get away with passwords like "111111" or simply "password..."  You know who you are.  Take Password Box for a free test drive. 

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