Coffee Perfection

No, this is not a new type of microphone.  This, my coffee loving friend, is what will save you a bunch of bucks.  Better, it will also save you an enormous amount of time. And most importantly, it will change forever the way you make - and drink - coffee.

Say "hello" to the Impress Coffee Brewer.  I found this first at Kickstarter and began drooling at the potential.  Imagine, a simple gadget that lets you make and drink coffee in the same container that tastes as good as any ever brewed, all with fast cleanup.

Toss out that annoying French press.  Forget your $400 push-button pod robot. Matter of fact, you can throw away paper filters and disconnect your electricity!  Well, at least disconnect the old coffee pot.  You won't need them ever again.

Cleaning is easier than washing a mug, because you won't have stains to scour.

And if you only visit a coffee shop to buy your high-end brew, you will really appreciate this gadget.  Here's how it works.  Toss in your favorite grounds.  Add water and wait for three minutes.  The stainless steel and food-grade silicone of the Impress Coffee Brewer will keep your drink hot (or cold, if you prefer) much longer than you expect.

The micro-fine filter section doubles as a measure to help you see how much coffee to add.  Then, carry your hot coffee anywhere and enjoy it as you go.  It will still be steaming when you arrive (unless you're traveling cross country).  This is truly a "why didn't I think of that" invention.  Beautifully designed, the Impress helps keep your drink super hot and without grounds seeping in, right to the last sip.  

As ever, there are real experts who have been poking, prodding and sipping with the Impress Coffee Brewer longer than I.  They say that within three minutes after mixing the grounds and hot water, a superior brew will be ready to spring forth upon your taste buds.  

Wow, does the drink this creates sing and dance on your tongue.  Bean fragrance and flavor has never been so sublime.  But, don't just take my word for it.  Drop by their site. Watch a short video demo and prepare to box up your old coffee prep gear.  You may now hand it all down to those who prefer living in the 20th century.  

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