Xtrema to the (Kitchen) Rescue

  It often happens when I feel rushed.  After preparing a marvelous meal, I placed a few leftovers in my glass storage containers and left them on the counter to at least reach room temperature before putting them in the fridge.  Off to get the rest of the apartment back in shape, then a stumble into bed - forgetting to put the food in the fridge.  And, next morning, that sinking feeling...  wasting good food... disappointing my taste buds.  Those leftovers would have been terrific for a solitary meal.

Well, thanks to Xtrema, that - and other problems - have been tossed into the dust bin of history (along with the ruined leftovers).  You may remember my sharing all the positive press about Xtrema® cookware, made by Ceramcor.  Perhaps the finest, greenest, safest and easiest to use cookware anywhere.  And, it's even tested and loved by the finest chefs for its non-scratch surface and ability to withstand even far-infrared heat. If you have not started replacing your out-of-date, scratched cookware, start with just one piece of Xtrema and you will be hooked.  Who doesn't love ease of cleanup?  And when combined with the improved taste through lack of metals leaching in to your food, you have an affordable line that is unmatched.  

Back to my storage story for a moment... I recently tested a unique line called "FridgeX" from Ceramcor.  I think this will excite any casual cook or professional chef.  Created from safe, stain-resistant and non-stick silicone, I believe FridgeX is a must-have.  Now, you never need to wait for food to cool.  Store and refrigerate immediately if you like.  From the oven to the cold, or from freezer to microwave or oven, FridgeX achieves new heights of versatility.  

What a treat.  Made from safe silicone, you can serve your food in it and toss each piece directly into your dishwasher.  Don't let the weight fool you either.  Light as it is, you can still bake and carry to your table, enjoying the non-stick surface.  And, it always springs back into its original shape.

Perhaps the biggest surprise is - each piece is collapsible.  You can stack, store and tuck away in almost any cabinet.  So, if you live in cramped quarters, FridgeX really stands out.  Bake in it.  Store your culinary creations in it.  No excuses!  Throw away the scratchy, ugly, unsafe containers.  I admit to giving away my older glass (and ugly plastic) containers...

Anyway, prepare to enjoy all that free space you will now have.  Naturally, friends and family will all admire you and proclaim your brilliance to the world - almost.


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