Cut the Cord for Super Sound

Going to the gym had become more of a chore than usual, I'll admit.  For some years, I had been tied, almost literally, to my headphones.  Lost some, gave some away... searched constantly for that "perfect pair" that would lead me to listening nirvana.

In recent years I grew more adventurous, testing early bluetooth models.  As you may have experienced also, most suffered from poor sound quality, uncomfortable fit, constant loss of connection and perhaps most annoying, lengthy hassles persuading them to reconnect and  pair up again with the phone.

But, to make a long story a bit less painful for you, my current workout headphones are showing me the love - quality and convenience wise.  They are AfterShokz Blues http://www.aftershokz.com and they fit most qualifications for walking, working out and comfort, especially if you are feeling the budget pinch.

Honestly, I was not looking to replace the expensive pair I enjoy in peaceful surroundings to savor every note and instrument.  After all, who expects well priced headphones suitable for exercising or casual walking to surpass those you keep in a silk-lined box protected by alarm systems?  (OK, I don't have a pair quite that high end, but you get the idea.)

When you pair up AfterShokz Blues with your phone, you will discover controls sensibly designed and easy to access.  I suspect that you will most appreciate the benefit of sound clarity without ear discomfort.  That's because you don't waste time trying to cram these lightweight earphones inside your head.  Watch the brief video: http://www.aftershokz.com, these deliver the goods using bone conduction technology.  Yes, that is reputable science, though it does take a few minutes to adjust to.

What makes these a standout are how clearly you hear and enjoy details with spoken words and music, in spite of their open ear, patent-pending design.  As you see, they sit on your cheek bones in front of, not inside, your ear.  You absorb the sound through your bones and the result is surprisingly good.   Battery life is substantial.  Charging is quick and easy.  And as I discovered, they do make good conversation starters in the gym or almost anywhere.  AfterShokz Blues are not waterproof, but normal exercise perspiration will not hurt them.

If you keep heavy wetness away from the battery area you are ready for hours of healthy activity.  For me, they have renewed my enthusiasm for my hobby of language study.  No more complaining about clumsy, tangled cords or poor sound quality at the gym.  Try these and be pleasantly surprised at how much you can hear, the overall comfort and convenience.  For many, http://www.aftershokz.com may be the only headphones necessary.

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