Disappearing Wallet

Hide & Seek Wallet

Take Out Wallet
Wallets are so personal, aren't they?  
Even if you feel certain you know what you want, or what the person you are shopping for wants, choosing one can be a challenge.
Wandering through department stores, leather goods shops... scanning online... as your choices magnify, confusion increases.  And even flipping through wallets in person may not help.

Fortunately, unlike with watches, the trend is leaning away from pocket-bulging sizes.  

Look what happened to watches as designers were unleashed.  Many created massive time pieces that seem large enough to wear out an NFL lineman. And those are just the women's models (!)

But with wallets, it is more about slimming down and economizing without being stingy.  Almost to the point of disappearing.

So, how do you choose one that creates a fashion statement without settling for the older styles, or sizable enough to carry all your cards, diary, passport and several currency types?

Most people today crave class with a hint of subtlety.  Of course, a few recent wallet designs would seem more suitable in the "lingerie" category - barely more than a rubber band with a hint of leather or other minuscule material.

Let's face it.  Dinner with business colleagues or close friends requires showing some effort, even if understated.  Pulling out a stack of cards and cash from your pocket, wrapped with a cheap band is bad enough.  The other extreme however may be worse - dragging out a wallet the size of a pocketbook that looks like something you keep it in the garage with your cleaning rags.

The solution?  Drop by Bellroy.com to find a wide range of choices, all tasteful and stylish.

Here, you discover an enormous variety of wallet sizes and creations suitable for almost any need, without busting your budget.  And, with their three-year guarantee (longer than many of us keep jobs) you have no fear of owning a distinctive gift made to fall apart any time soon.  Added to Bellroy's guarantee and unique quality are the thoughtful solutions to any situation that their styles provide.  It is a one-stop wallet shop, offering world-wide delivery.

From the smallest effective card sleeve for the minimalist - to larger varieties including a Passport Sleeve - even the leather quality speaks loudly.  My choice, for example is the Hide & Seek wallet pictured up top.  With its smooth, supple sheep leather and clever card slot placement, it slides easily in to my pocket and molds to me immediately without needing  a break-in period of heavier leather.

The other style pictured above, the Take Out Wallet does what it says.  It lets you take out the removable interior section and to carry something lighter and simpler when you don't need the fuller version.  Best advice I can give you with wallets, since they are so personal? Check the short video descriptions of the full line from Bellroy.com.  

When you search for a wallet perfect for your needs, or a wallet for the person you want to make an impression on that will last for years, you will find both solutions at Bellroy.com 

The design genius of their wallets enables you to carry more of what you need, without the old-fashioned bulk you don't want. 

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