Sleeping Revolution

Give the Revitalizing Gift of Sound Sleep 

     It had to happen.  With the growing success of foam mattresses and pillows, it was only a matter of time before companies created a newer, better option.  One leader in the sleep industry is Comfort Revolution with their memory foam mattresses.  Recently, they added the ingenious cooling technology of Hydraluxe gel to a new line of pillows.  
     The result?  After several of us tested a wide range of pillows, we are sold on the Comfort Revolution Hydraluxe Gel model.  It matters not if you normally prefer foam, down, plain feather or hypo-allergenic pillows.  After a few relaxing nights with your head nestled in a new foam-gel pillow, you are likely to discover much better sleep quality as we did.
     The reasons are simple: old-fashioned foam mattresses and pillows often caused people to toss and turn due to heat build up or foam compression.  But the sleep experts at Comfort Revolution used their extensive research and design skills to create a pillow that helps you get much more of the quality sleep you need.
     Even their pillow covers are breathable, yet still protective.  And, if you sleep on your side, back or stomach, they offer a model that perfectly fits your head and neck.  So if you have been stalling on replacing that worn-out pillow, try the pillow that independent tests prove help you sleep cooler. 
     With the stress of daily life, it is more important than every to maximize the amount of sound sleep you get every night.  Try sleeping on a Hydraluxe pillow from Comfort Revolution and wake up more refreshed and energized every day.  Your entire body may soon feel better with the improved restfulness. 

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