Dueling Tastebuds

Here's your chance to attend one of the most glorious food events anywhere.  Again this year, one of the best reasons to include a London visit in your vacation plans this June is the "Taste of London" festival.  (Click link to see what the deliciousness is all about)

Even world-famous chefs refer to this annual bash as the best event for true food fanatics, and with its unique energy and mouth-watering munching choices, you are guaranteed a good time.  Stop by for samplings from chefs you have admired on television as well as newcomers.  Enjoy tasting the very best from hugely popular restaurants - without paying the usual eye-watering prices.

What's more, you can attend lively events showing you exactly how to create many of the specialties at home, as you mingle with people from around the world.  Or, relax at outdoor tables and watch the world go by - literally - as you dive in to your chosen treats.  People watching is a marvelous London hobby and with the concentration of visitors from across the globe, you can rub elbows with a wide range of fascinating folks.  Everyone enjoys the massive party atmosphere, with the beautiful snacks, tidbits and meals making the day of tasting truly memorable.

Taste of London this year runs from June 18 through the 22nd, when the weather is normally perfect.  No humidity, pleasantly warm temps and an array of smells that may pull you back for another visit.  After all, any day you choose will cost less than one meal at many upscale restaurants.  And, you will find no better way to experience the world-famous Regent's Park in the Marylebone area of London.  Plan your trip with the help of these event details and ticket info: http://london.tastefestivals.com/about/  

All that lovely dining, plus activities and fun that appeal to your entire family just may be the highlight of your whole London trip.   It's as if every chef you ever wanted to see, and every variety of food you could imagine - were gathered in one location for your pleasure.

Hey, that's exactly what it is! 

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