Resolution Revolution

How is that resolution going?  Your plan to eat healthier this year?

If you still find the challenge a bit more strenuous than you imagined, here is a super solution.  Grab a copy of the HEALTHY SLOW COOKER REVOLUTION from "America's Test Kitchen Bookstore."  Not familiar with their stellar reputation for cook books, product recommendations and recipes?  Prepare yourself for fabulous treats.

You really can create delicious meals with a slow cooker.  And, you can simply add the ingredients before work, then return home to new and welcoming fragrances floating from your kitchen.  Or, ease out the door each morning with a spring in your step from a healthy breakfast - not just the temporary boost from a quick cup of coffee.  You need a nutritious start to keep your energy up, whether dieting or not.

As always, the key is: the right tool for the right job.  And if you have no proper slow cooker, fear not.  This new book sorts out the best and discusses ratings while introducing new and updated recipes.

Dieting is such a drain on your time, energy and mood.  But, it need not drain your pocketbook or strain your tastebuds.  The creators of Cook's Illustrated and Cook's Country magazines have been trusted go-to kitchen experts for years.  With this new offering, you can discover some wonderful ways to enjoy deliciously memorable, even low-sodium treats.

Slow cooking no longer equates to basic beef stew or watery soups and boring bean dishes.  Even if you are not a braising professional or a wine aficionado, you will soon be treating your friends and family, and most of all, pleasing yourself with your new range of  meals, easily prepared from over 200 recipes.

Bet you didn't know you can even quickly create terrific, tasty salads with a slow cooker.  And, you won't even need your apron.  

Start here: http://slowcookerhealthy.com 

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