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It's here... The DysonCinetic Big Ball Animal + Allergy     

What is your "must have" feature when choosing a vacuum cleaner?  We all have at least one that tops others.  But, what if... you discovered a game-changing vacuum that offered all the features you crave?

For me, any vacuum that can avoid the need to clean filters or empty bags gets my attention right away.  So, my eyes lit up (sad, perhaps) during my current research which included this futuristic new Dyson - especially the upright model, though their cordless and canister versions are also feature-rich.  This big ball baby is truly a different species of animal.

Over the years I have been following technology, companies and inventors I respect, Mrs. O and I have owned our share of Dysons.  Home, office, wherever we put down roots for longer than a month - along came our Dyson.  

Today, results show their new Cinetic technology helps the company rise again to sit among top-of-the-line vacuums.  Dyson continues to revolutionize vacuuming.  First significant benefits we noticed: the room air seems fresher almost immediately. And the longer the machine runs, the cleaner the air feels, helped by the tight seal around the bin plus the advanced HEPA filtration.

How about suction power?  Of course a number of vacuums offer decent "pull," but swirl this animal around your carpet and you may be surprised at the Animal Allergy's grip.  Pile is brushed and spread so well that it achieves a deep clean we have not previously noted.

When using the Animal Allergy to vacuum areas that had just been cleaned by other machines, we were astonished at how much more grime it sucked in.  If you have pets, this model assuredly will open your eyes (and nose) to healthier breathing.

Compare your ideal features to those you find in the Cinetic Big Ball Animal + Allergy and decide for yourself. Is it finally time to move on up?

• Bagless - with NO filters to wash (huge!)
• Every imaginable attachment for almost any vacuuming job
   -  Turbine tool is amazing on beds, chairs, couches, fabrics, etc
   -  Soft brushes keep floors clean with no scratching
   -  Tools specifically for stairs, reaching up and under, tiny crevices
• Helps clear the air of allergens, dust, pet dander and other unwanted particles
• Long cord covers large area at a time
• Easy-to-reach on-off button and floor/carpet button (to turn on/off rug brush)  

Last thing: It is still true that the "never loses suction" benefit for which Dyson vacuums are famous is alive and well in the Animal Allergy.  The Cinetic tech helps the machine snatch pollen and mold spores from your environment and locks them in to the bin.  It all works so well that no pre-motor filter is needed.  That helps keep these new Dysons as maintenance free as you can find anywhere.   

Save time, save money and enjoy a cleaner home or office.  This and other enticing developments can be found here: http://www.dyson.com/

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