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Anolon Authority, that is...  

Thought occurred to me today while sliding my frittata smoothly off my Anolon skillet on to a plate - being creative in the kitchen is much easier when your cookware cooperates.  (Brilliant, I know)

With the increasing demand for higher-quality pots and pans, even in the non-stick category, you must still digest the fine print before you purchase.  Be certain none of the old chemicals proven to be unhealthy are present.  Will you want to slip it in to the oven from time to time?  And, how about upkeep?

Friends of mine find it amusing that annually for the past several years, I have tested a range of cookware offerings, searching for the ultimate in design and construction.  

It seems there was always a feature lacking, or some quirk that prevented me from picking up more than a couple of pieces for long-term use.  But now, I can cross this category off my search list.

In recent weeks, I have concentrated my focus on preparing meals using the latest creations from Anolon  and am pleased to report their latest versions resist even my clumsier experiments.  Of course, their line has been known for quality and versatility for decades.  But now, the only challenge is to determine which of their newest models and sizes best fit your needs.

Until I began cooking more frequently, I would have been satisfied with a display of quality, hard anodized cookware, perhaps even in copper, largely to impress.  Previously, I could often survive with just an "Everything" pan.  Now, with more of my free time spent expanding my kitchen skills, the old saying "use the right tool for the right job" has finally sunk in.  Plus, a certain amount of self respect occasionally urges me onward.  So...

Here's what makes Anolon Authority cookware the right tools for me:

• Dishwasher safe
• Free from PFOA 
• High-quality hard anodized construction
• OK to use good quality metal utensils 
• Handles designed to fit your hand more comfortably
• OK in ovens up to 500F
• True non-stick (even with eggs, though some of us still like a touch of oil for flavor)
• Results are both pleasing to the eye and appealing to the taste buds

Pick up a piece or two.  You may find yourself adding a full set to your holiday "wish list"

In a hurry?  Enjoy ideas from their Twitter account: https://twitter.com/anolon  
or Facebook:  facebook.com/anolon

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