Healthy Snacks and Superfoods

Taste bud alert.  Time to dig in to a few of the newest flavorful treats from around the globe from the annual Fancy Food Show in New York City.

First up, cookies.  Who doesn't love the satisfying deliciousness of a well-baked cookie?  Lenny & Larry are two pals with a passion for protein and a fondness for fitness who set out to create a unique lineup of cookies, muffins and brownies - minus trans fats, dairy and eggs.

Crammed with 16 - 20 grams of protein and helpfully vegan, these baked treats from Lenny & Larry's helps you maintain your fighting form while they appeal to your taste buds.  I tried several flavors at the show- each flavorful without "diet" or artificial taste.  At www.lennylarry.com you can see their protein-boosting choices, all minus the sugar load found in many so-called healthy snack bars.


For liquid refreshment, one of the healthiest choices in the category includes tart cherry juice, a daily must-have product for many athletes - professional or otherwise.  www.cheribundi.com is a primary purveyor, presenting over 50 cherries worth of tasty, gluten-free tartness per eight ounce bottle.

Why do so many tout tart cherries?  Over 100 sports teams are now regular customers, partly due to the ability of tart cherries to speed recovery from aches & pains.  Other claimed benefits: relief from gout (highly unpleasant, any relief is a blessing) and improved sleep.  The company offers a "seven day challenge" so you can determine results for yourself.  

This delicious drink also makes a healthy mixer since the ingredients are all derived from tart cherries - not concentrate.  One more tastebud pleasing option to building better health.


This might surprise you, a Super Food derived from tree leaves.  Not just any tree.  Look for products made from Moringa and you will find this age-old plant to be a "Superfood."  Thousands of years old, this amazing tree provides enormous amounts of nutrition and is well-suited to its West African nickname, the "miracle tree."  

The market is rapidly expanding world-wide for Moringa, with its nutrient-rich, easy to digest qualities.  Studies prove the leaf is loaded with minerals, iron, calcium and vitamins.  And, it's not just for vegans or vegetarians.  Moringa satisfies the nutritional requirements as a "complete" protein.

One source is a company developed by former Peace Corps volunteer, Lisa Curtis.  She created Kuli Kuli Foods, which is also building sustainable incomes for women in Africa.  Lisa is now spreading the benefits of this leafy powerhouse across the U.S. with http://kulikulifoods.com

Now ready for "prime time," Moringa is one of the healthiest food sources on the planet.  Enjoy its benefits in tea form, snack bars or powder.  It tastes terrific in salads, smoothies or mixed in with various dishes.  Happy experimenting. 

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