Stop Aging?

             Sounds impossible, yes?  Well, we DO have people working on that - if you believe the stories surrounding some of GOOGLE's current projects.

What to do in the meantime?  No junk science, please.  First, to potentially slow the aging of your skin and other organs, keep that bottle of water at hand - at home and the office - and keep refilling it.  Lubrication from the inside is a must to keep your pipes flowing and your hair, skin... you know the rest... all functioning at maximum efficiency.

The other step is where Dyson comes in to play, counteracting that insufferable dryness that afflicts so many.  Take a look at what the devilishly clever inventor James Dyson has created this time.  (Yes, that Dyson, of vacuum fame and other world-renowned gadgetry)  So, speaking of aging, New York City and many other regions fight ancient plumbing and dry heat for long periods each year.   That dryness causes nostrils to plug up and skin to feel crackly.  Unhealthy?  Absolutely!  Contributing to faster aging?  Obviously!  Plus, you can almost watch as your wood furniture cracks and splits.

To help with this desert dryness challenge, Dyson created a new humidifier.  This unit combines the quiet efficiency of Dyson's patented "air multiplier" technology with a new ultrasonic system that manages to kill 99.9% of the bacteria often found in older ultrasonic models.

Just as with certain high-end water treatment systems using UVC light, this humidifier helps destroy much of the insidious particles that used to be spread throughout our environment.  And, when you can feel the improved breathing and the drop in static electricity from the first day, you realize you have discovered something special.

Like me, you probably tried other humidifiers, only to meet these frustrating challenges:

•  Noisy fans
•  Poor coverage area
•  Limited control choices
•  Uneven spreading water droplets
•  Heavy to lift and difficult to refill
•  Ugly and space hogging

Not so with Dyson's humidifier.  With a small footprint, we found the coverage area easily spreads throughout a large bedroom or an office area of nearly 190 square feet.  You can even set the  humidity level you prefer and the unit maintains it.  This enables the humidifier to remain active longer without over-saturating the air or spreading excessive moisture on the furniture.

In addition, the dual-usage aspect could be a tremendous benefit.  You won't just use the Dyson as a humidifier to relieve the driest stretches of winter.  Since it is also a fan, in hotter months, the air multiplier will be an added blessing to rooms needing steady, fresher air without blade noise.

To sum up: all excuses to postpone refilling the water tank have been eliminated.  A carry handle is built in to the tank top, helping you easily lift and carry it to the sink with one hand.  Plus, a small remote control has been thoughtfully magnetized so it holds to the top of the machine when not sitting bedside or in the desk area.

See?  Controlling the weather is now as simple as pushing a button in the palm of your hand.  As far as stopping aging?  Let's see what Mr. Dyson next presents to us!

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