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Organic Enzo Olive Oils 

Several years ago, we visited friends in Tuscany during the olive harvest in spite of the region's chilly November weather.  

We did so because our friends had often shared their delicious wines and olive oil with us and we were determined to learn if an even fresher oil experience was possible.  As with most Italians who are blessed with a bit of land, our friends divide their property between grape vines and olive trees.

Naturally, a trip to almost any scenic area known for fine wine and oil can be worthwhile. But, why wait for overseas travels?  For example, I was lucky enough recently to sample an oil from the Ricchiuti family, who have farmed in central California for over 100 years.  And In recent years, their extra virgin oils have added another success story to their highly regarded line of commodities.

If you ever have the opportunity to visit an area where olives are being harvested and pressed, the aroma will linger in your memory even longer than the magnificent flavor. 
With wine, of course, only long after pressing and bottling can you enjoy the flavor and fragrance.  Olives, however, are pleased to give up their best immediately, so you can treat yourself even before the oil is bottled.

You might imagine that after generations of nurturing olive groves in Italy, a family might enjoy a reasonable amount of success in a similar climate. So it is with the Ricchiuti family, who have further elevated their reputation with this season’s line of oils from their California groves under the name of Enzo's Table.

After sipping, nosing, tasting and enjoying what I call their "super Californian," I was thrilled to rediscover within the attractive bottle of their latest offering, the familiar, fresh-pressed fragrance found in the finest olive oils worldwide.  

The Enzo's Table line can also help those new to the "Tuscan tingle," along with their full range of expressive oil varieties.

Meanwhile, prepare yourself for an extra-virgin oil with a frontoio-fresh aroma that dances up your nostrils and across your taste buds, encouraging many sample sips.  Then, add the terrific tingle to any dish calling for a uniquely fine olive oil.

Even lovers of lighter oils may find themselves drawn to the intensely powerful experience presented in Enzo’s Organic Estate Grown Bold, though their choices are extensive.You will likely want several bottles to make it through this season, along with more to share as gifts. Find their oils and other treats at: enzostable.com  Here, you may also choose the option to be notified at each season's freshest bottling.  

Why simply offer wine and flowers when visiting friends?  This oil is an experience that may well become an every day treat, and lead you to fervently hope the Ricchiutis might best their efforts next season!

In case you're wondering, I no longer wait for trips to visit friends in Italy to bring home marvelous Italian-style products.

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