Planning for Success?

"If you fail to plan, you are planning for failure..."

Whether you credit Benjamin Franklin, Winston Churchill or other historically successful personalities, they all lived by that rule.  As for me, it only took many years (!) of trial and error to discover that truth.  Perhaps you also have tried - and tossed - planners and appointment diaries that drop as each new year approaches.  But, here's another fact:  any system - or tool - must fit the user.  

I have tried enough digital planning systems, paper notebooks and ways to combine tasks, follow ups and reminders that I could open a specialty store.  Even so, my latest find looks to be a perfect fit.  Look what the creator of the highly regarded Spark Notebook has developed.

Behold the Volt Planner from https://inkandvolt.com/product/volt-planner/  

From the mind of well-known tech exec Kate Matsudaira, comes a truly rewarding experience - an expanded planner that demands to be put to work.  Of course, to keep you returning to add your info each day, you need to combine some fun along with your productivity.  That rare combination, found in the Volt Planner, helps remind you that we only take seriously the goals that we write down.

What's so unique?  From the simplest idea, a diary/planner that actually folds flat to make the physical process of writing a pleasure... to the more elaborate, sections to include your weekly and monthly goals, plus, space to celebrate your achievements.  Why wait til the end of a month... or year, to acknowledge your successes or determine which areas need more attention?

The Volt is a tracking system, planner and sophisticated partner for your business and personal life.

For me, I need the regular boosts of tips, reminders and quotes to help inspire me.  You favorites might be the sections that impel you to challenge yourself.  Those blank space sections are crying for you to clarify your ideas and plans.  Write with a fountain pen if you wish - not just for the additional commitment that might inspire, but also because the pleasure of using a fountain pen, and the paper quality which can easily handle top shelf ink.  

You might even find others paying more attention to you once you move away from the pencils, bypass the ball points, and find a distinctive fountain pen.  After all, you ARE a class act, right?

So, don't just think about your goals.  You can still get your own Volt Planner in time for the holiday season.  More details at:
https://inkandvolt.com/product/volt-planner/  Start writing down those ideas, goals and plans.  Include all your appointments, even some idle thoughts and idea-starters.

You have plenty of room, with more than 270 pages of space available.  Most of all, you will discover enhanced versatility that is singularly adaptable, fun to use and may lead to those higher levels of achievements you crave, starting in 2017.  It's your life, so whatever helps you become inspired is worth it.

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